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german mobile voice mail greetings

Professional german mobile voice mail greetings mp3 for business and home

Custom-tailored german & austrian mailbox greetings mp3: simply e-mail your script!

You will receive your telephone greeting as an e-mail reply with mp3, wave, aiff, A-Law file attached.

Sandra Littomericzky lends her voice to a wide variety of TV and radio productions in Austria and Germany: ARTE, ATV, ORF, 3SAT, SERVUS TV, SF, WDR

This is how fast you can get your professional, custom-tailored german & austrian mobile voice mail greeting with the highest digital audio quality: simply e-mail your script!


Professional mobile voice mail greeting with/without music mixing

mp3, wave, aiff, A-Law
Cost: EUR 200,- (excl. VAT)

Integrated mobile voice mail greeting for your company

with or without music
Cost: upon request

Services include digital voice recording / cutting, mixing, editing / format conversion / personal consultation: script recommendations

Examples professional german mobile voice mail greetings

Professional austrian & german voice mail greetings, custom-tailored german mailbox greeting, voice mail message german, business voicemail greetings - professional german tv/radio voice over

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